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Posted by IronPirate - September 23rd, 2011

I had to take such a huge shit today, that it compressed against my prostate and gave me the most raging boner I've had in my life.

How the fuck was your day?

Posted by IronPirate - June 17th, 2010


Posted by IronPirate - April 11th, 2010

Since when does submitting a crappy "B" remake make you an artist?

So I'm an artist?

Posted by IronPirate - April 7th, 2010

Thats an excessively long ban for something thats not even in the rules.


Posted by IronPirate - April 7th, 2010

Parody threads of epicness.

This is beautiful

Posted by IronPirate - April 2nd, 2010

Kevin Bacon day may be over, but his meaty goodness has formed a permanent ring of cholesterol around our hearts...

R.I.P. Bacon Grounds, 4/1/2010 - 4/1/2010

The Bacon...

Posted by IronPirate - February 16th, 2010

Every time a whale ejaculates it expends an average of fifty gallons of sperm.

Posted by IronPirate - January 17th, 2010

I haven't signed on at all for a while, and it's a relief to be on newgrounds again. Not that anyone cares, but the reason I haven't been on-line is because my computer exploded. So I installed Kubuntu Jaunty on my PS3, which like the spoiled brat I am got for Christmas, got a USB hub, hooked up a printer, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, printer, and flash-drive and now the only difference is it only uses 1% CPU. You may now comment on my various assets.

Posted by IronPirate - September 2nd, 2009

I was looking at my profile, and the stats on it are completely weak. So to clear things up here are my real stats.

Sign-up-date: 04/15/07. I was introduced to newgrounds by Zack Fulpington before he was a hacker. That was before podtube existed and crap. We shared an account until I made *UNDISCLOSED*, which I will not share it's name because I got so noobish I was ashamed.

Post Count: 627+. This is from the added posts of *UNDISCLOSED*, CHP, and this account. The actually count is probably higher by the time you read this, but meh.

Blams/saves: 15+/105+. Added from the 3 alts including this blah blah blah...

Flash Reviews: 387+. This is where proof needs to be present...screw it, here's *UNDISCLOSED*.

Audio Reviews: 47+. Not much to say here, added totals and stuff.

Trophies/Stickers: None. Just no flash ever. I suck at flash.

EXP/Level: 920/10. Level 10 is 900-1109 exp, so I have that covered.

That should be it. Before anyone calls bullshit I suggest you check out my three accounts. Also, because I have an 07 sign up date, this is no longer funny :(

Posted by IronPirate - August 19th, 2009

Since the people of newgrounds love me so much, they have bestowed upon me a name. You shall all now refer to me as "Irony". HecticCircleCrap, and HighWayStar365 suggested the name in this thread about a serious issue. However thematrix27 suggested several other sensless names, but thats just typical of an 09er. Therefor all of newgrounds will call me "Irony".