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4/7/10 by IronPirate

Thats an excessively long ban for something thats not even in the rules.



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I've never been banned under the pretext of "posting in a spam thread" for less than 5 days. Most of the threads I post in aren't even spam threads. Normally a boring person decides to make a new thread, and a mod doesn't like it, even though it's hardly spam.

There's a trick to getting around this, however.

When you log onto Newgrounds, click the "FORUMS" button, then click your category of choice, then click on a thread that interests you, then read all of the posts in that thread. Have a good time, oh by the way, you should never click the "Reply & Quote" button, and you should NEVER EVER click the "Reply To Post" button.

If you keep doing that, no one will ever abuse any power.

4/11/10 IronPirate responds:


hey iron guy write when your bann lifts ok

4/11/10 IronPirate responds:

Err ok...

Damn. Everyone's getting banned these days. I'm just lucky i've never been banned. But I'll get banned for "posting in the BBS"

4/11/10 IronPirate responds:

Poozy got me for that one.

not even in the rules

4/11/10 IronPirate responds:


I got banned for a week for "I HAS BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSSSS >:O" so suck it up lol

4/8/10 IronPirate responds:

I can still complain.

That rule will getcha.

4/8/10 IronPirate responds:

Twice this week.



Darn it.

Rules or not, the fact that spam threads get destroyed is not a secret, and it was a particularly stupid spam thread too (which was probably why it was 3 days instead of just one).

Next time you see a thread consisting of nothing but a 4chan meme and the admission of the OP being completely drunk, it's probably best ignoring it.

4/7/10 IronPirate responds: